Thank you for your interest in adopting from Bonnie Rose Rattery! Here is a  questionnaire to get you started and for me to gauge what kind of a life any rats adopted out to you would have. Please COPY AND PASTE the below text into a Facebook message or E-mail to me and fill in your answers!

Please don't feel too overwhelmed by all these questions, I believe firmly in education and am happy to lend my experience and assistance if you are uncertain how to answer a question. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Adopter Information:
Legal Name: 
Full Address: 
Phone Number: 
(This information is kept confidential and only used my records) 

Are you at least 18 years of age?
(If under 18 years of age please provide your legal guardian's contact information)

Who will be financially responsible for any rats adopted?

Are there other adults living in the household and are they accepting of the rats? 

Are there any other rats in the home, or have you owned rats in the past?
 (Please list how many and their sexes if any are currently in the home.)

What will your rat's diet consist of?
(Be specific, list brand names if possible)

What type of bedding/litter do you plan to use?

What housing do you have available for your rats?
(Please tell me about the cage, be as detailed as possible, list the cage dimensions, how many levels are in the cage, what the bar spacing is.)

Where will your rats be kept? (Ie inside the house, outside, in a shed, in the garage, ect)

How much time a day do you have to dedicate to your rats:
(Answers such as 'enough' or 'a lot' are not what I am looking for, please give me approximate time frame)

What is the primary purpose of the rat that you want?
(ie pet only, breeder, companion, ect)

Have you ever breed rats or do you have any interest in breeding rats in the future?

Is there a particular rat/litter that you are interested in?
(Ie Dumbo, male/female, no hairless, no red eyes, ect) 

How did you hear about my Rattery?
(Please be specific, I want to know what venues are working!)

Do you have any questions for me?

This is my pet only application, if you are interested in rats with breeding rights please reach out and get acquainted.